For our regular shows, the rules are on each of the score-sheets, which are used to keep track of the team score and the upcoming categories. For happy hour shows, no score-sheets are used – the host assigns point values

  1. Write down each of the categories for the round (three questions per round), and write down your answers on both the score-sheet and the answer slip.
  2. Your answers must be turned in before the end of the song. The host will announce the time limit before the song is played so it is your responsibility to submit before the time expires.
  3. All submissions are considered final; once you turn in an answer you cannot change it –one answer per team.
  4. There is no limit to the number of players on a team and we require no minimum. But teams must be grouped together, preferably a single table or adjoining tables. (see “tips”)
  5. Players MUST NOT call out the answer. Answering loudly to your teammates is considered the same. Not only will everybody boo, but upon the second infraction you may be asked to leave by the establishment.
  6. This is a thinking game, not a research game. PLEASE do not use your cell phones or PDA’s, this is not Who Wants To Be A Millionaire – THERE ARE NO LIFELINES! Upon the first infraction, the team will be disqualified for the answer. Upon the second infraction, the team will be disqualified entirely. Any subsequent infraction on a different night will get the team banned. INTEGRITY, PEOPLE! Don’t even just “check” your cell phone.
    If you must use your cell phone, you are welcome to do so outside or away from the table and you, along with any teammates who join you, are prohibited from returning to the table until your team has submitted their answer. Again, cell phone use is prohibited at the table ALWAYS – this includes using the cell phone after the answer is submitted. (see “tips”)
  7. The object of the game is not to give us the correct answer but to give us the answer that is provided to the host. That’s just a fancy way of saying: this isn’t an IQ test; it’s a trivia game. For example, don’t submit Gordon Sumner instead of Sting. And we’ll forgive insignificant mistakes (i.e. spelling errors); please forgive us ours. Send any suggestions or corrections to the email on the scoresheet.
  8. HAVE FUN! Ugh! That’s so corny.


  1. That “Have Fun” rule is so corny to use as a “rule”. But please remember that we encourage fun competition. We work harder than any other so-called trivia company to make our questions interesting, fun, challenging and tangible. We love the competition between our teams. But with all due respect to brain-bowls, this is trivia. Our hosts’ most important goal is to make you have FUN. We measure our success, not based on the winners, but based on the losing teams who we are honored to have attend our shows on a religious basis. Why? Because we are the most entertaining trivia show around. So win or lose, enjoy the fun!
  2. The “phone rule” is very precarious. We live in a mobile world – it’s hard to remember how we got by driving from one place to another without having telecommunication ready on-hand. We now instinctively pick up the phone not just when it alerts but even when we have a subconscious thought to communicate with someone. But trivia nights became successful because of its social nature more than just the ability to recall useless information. So fellowship with your team. Deliberate, struggle, pull your hair out, make your best answer, and then go right back to discussing geopolitics or Mad Men and LEAVE THE PHONE ALONE.
  3. There is no minimum or maximum. The fewer players, the less likely to find the answer; the more players, the more likely to talk yourselves out of the answer (not to mention having smaller portions of the winnings). Our suggestion: invite as many members as possible, find the right balance, and if you have excess, split the teams for some friendly competition.
  4. LISTEN! The host reads directly from the question – if you miss something important, it may lead you to an incorrect answer. The host always repeats the question, so if you didn’t catch it the first time, quiet your team down to listen to the repeat. Also listen to all of the scores, especially before the final wager question.
  5. Make sure your answer is the final answer. Take the length of the song to make sure it is right. But remember that the host has a strict obligation to reject any answers submitted after the end of the time limit, so don’t get distracted.
  6. We want EVERYONE to be happy. That includes the restaurant. So order that extra appetizer to share with the table, try that new beer from the local brewery, change up your regular entrée, and make everyone envy you as the server brings that heartbreakingly beautiful dessert. And we beg you to please take care of the servers who are serving you and your table for an extended period.
  7. Communicate with us and the restaurant. If we are doing a good job, let us know. If the restaurant is performing well and you like your trivia night, PLEASE let them know. If either of us disappoint in any way, … (you guessed it) … LET US KNOW!
  8. SPREAD THE WORD! Yes, we don’t deny that it helps our business, but there are few things more exciting than a restaurant full of trivia participants having a good time. On the same note, GIVE GOOD CROWD RESPONSE!
  9. Visit our website often. Other companies want you to visit so you can build their web count. We, on the other hand, simply want you to keep apprised of the special events occurring at your location and bonus-point opportunities for all of the locations.


Whether you’re looking for more information, or you’d like to let us know how we did, send us a message!