From the Owner

I thank you for your interest in Trivia Night Live, and I thank you for visiting our web-site. It is my goal to spread the joy of premium quality trivia entertainment throughout the city, throughout the state, and perhaps someday throughout the nation and the globe. I hope you’ll help me in doing so.

TNL has no requirements whatsoever of our hosts’ religious beliefs or practices in any way and never will. We support the freedom of religion and the separation of church and state. Speaking for myself only, I will profess that I am a Christian. I believe in God and I believe in His son, Jesus. I make that statement not to preach but to explain my own personal source of the standards of ethics and fairness. Trivia Night Live holds itself to that same level of ethics and accountability. If my company falters in any way, I hope you will take a moment to notify me so that we may make immediate corrections. I make it a point to carefully and critically select representatives who are not only skilled at entertainment but also have the highest quality of ethics. It is, in turn, their goal to protect our family reputation by being fair, honest, moral, and ethical with all parties involved, from restaurant owners to restaurant patrons, and to the investment we make to the community at large. This also applies to how we deal with our competition – we believe that the right thing to do is always the right thing to do no matter how other individuals or companies conduct themselves. In every way, no matter our cost, we hope you will find in us the highest level of integrity and ethical conduct.

Furthermore, Trivia Night Live aims to promote love for everyone in a fun and entertaining atmosphere. No matter the gender, no matter the religion, no matter the spiritual belief, no matter the age, no matter the sexual preference, no matter the race, no matter the political affiliation, and no matter the college football team of choice, we hope you find in us a love for you and who you are as God’s creation. We’ll still have love even for those who foolishly visit our competitors’ shows.

God bless us all, and thank you again for visiting our site.


Brandon Tomasello, J.D.
Owner and Premier Entertainer


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