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From Our Players...

We have enjoyed Brandon at Cruisers Grill so much. We even like him better then Trivia Nation!

-Stacy Wilson–Fat Kids are Harder to Kidnap

We love playing live trivia and we have tried many different trivia vendors. However, we find Brandon Tomasello's shows far better than any of the others. Most other shows are merely questions and answers with no audience interaction, which makes them somewhat boring. Brandon, on the other hand, is very entertaining and encourages the crowd to interact with the game. Shouting out comments/suggestions to the host is part of the show. We enjoy Trivia Night Live so much that when searching for trivia shows on any given night, we specifically search for one of Brandon's shows as opposed to any of the others. Sometimes we win, other times we come in dead last, but each and every time we all enjoy the show. I cannot say that about any of the other vendors we have encountered. We love you, Brandon. Keep up the good work.

-The Downward Spiral Gang

I am a trivia addict. I have been playing trivia with my team for almost 7 years now. When we first started, we were playing with a different trivia company, and went religiously to the same establishment EVERY week. When TNL started hosting a show at the same location, but a different night, we started attending the show to try something different. Within about a month, we had completely stopped going to the other night, choosing ONLY to attend the TNL show. Why? There were several reasons, but the number one reason was the host. He was personable, approachable, (somewhat) funny, and professional. He really made us feel like we were more than just "competitors" in the trivia competition, but friends of the show, and valued customers. It's not just the "regular" teams that get this treatment. Whether it is your first time or your 100th, you feel like a regular. In addition, I really like the pace of the shows, and the interactions he has with the "audience." We are now loyal TNL patrons as a result. I cannot say enough good things about TNL and Brandon. We are hooked and will be fans for life.


I love trivia night live, it's fun! A great way to get together with friends & see what you don't know. Brandon does a great job as host; he is very entertaining, but we all know Jeannine is the star.

-Joe Minichiello

Brandon is a personable trivia host. You can tell he puts thought into his questions and treats every location as if it's his only show. He's fun, he's fair and his shows are hands down the best trivia shows in Jax!


TNL is so much fun! Brandon is the best trivia DJ in Jax. He really gets to know his players and engages the crowd. Even when my team is losing, we still have a great time!


I would say "Brandon Tomasello brings together great questions and a charismatic personality to make for a fun and exciting trivia experience. Whether you win or loose, it is always worth coming to Trivia Night Live."


it's so much fun, we have trouble believing that it's been seven years that we've been playing almost every week!


Brandon is, by far, the most entertaining trivia emcee in town.

-Fred G.

I travel quite a bit throughout the Southeast due to my work. In my travels I look for live trivia where ever I may find myself. They do a good job, don't get me wrong. But they can not compare to Trivia Night Live, especially as when hosted by Brandon. They are always professionally run and entertaining. I love the mix of topics but the best is Brandon and the energy and charisma he brings to the game. Trivia Night Live with Brandon is the one travel destination I always look forward to trying to make a regular stop.

-John B.

Our family and friends have been following Brandon and his trivia show for many years now. Over the years we have changed locations, but his fair, challenging, and professionally done shows have remained a constant source of fun for us week after week.

-Will & Nathan

What can we say about Brandon, the one and only, obviously....BEST trivia host in Jacksonville on any given day. We fell in love with him on our very first meeting with him at Mudville Grille in St. Nicolas six or so years ago, when we discovered he was doing Wednesday nights at Dick's we changed our Trivia night because it was so close to home. Brandon, not only are you the best host, you have become one of this Clifton families best buddies! You have been fishing with us, played darts with us, basically, you are our little brother. You bring cheer wherever you tread! We love you! You are the best!

-Steve & Barb & Born Loser Crew!

I started going to Trivia Night Live three years ago at the urging of a good friend. I had just been through a bad breakup and she thought it would be good to get me out of the house. What started as a chance to get out of the house and enjoy a night out with friends has turned into a Saturday night tradition for me and my mom. My father passed away 12 years ago and my mom has never been one to want to go out. She's content to stay at home and spend time with her dogs. But I kept telling her about trivia and finally she decided to give it a try. Now, three years later, we have a great team that meets every Saturday at Player's Grill, including my mom. Brandon is an integral part to our continued patronage. We have followed him to a number of venues because Brandon is more than a trivia host for us now. He's a friendly face at the end of our hectic week. If we do happen to miss a week he's quick to come up to us next time and welcome us back like an old friend. Sure, we love meeting our friends every week; and playing the game is fun even if we lose more than we win. We've even tried other trivia shows on those rare occasions when Brandon is out of town. But it's just not the same without Brandon. And remember single ladies out there, trivia is fun and free, just like Brandon. (p.s I like the fact that he's Italian too)

-Dawn DeGeorgio

I have been playing trivia for seven years with Brandon Tomasello as host and always look forward to it.
Trivia is a great way to get your friends and family together for a night of fun.
I've been to several other trivia games around town, and frankly, it is just trivia.
What sets Brandon's trivia apart from the rest his interaction with the players gives you a sense of belonging. His unique style of wit and humor fills the room with energy. Trivia Night Live is trivia at its best. If you want more than just trivia, you've found it here.

See you there.

-Gina Minichiello ( "No See Ums)

My husband and I are old time Trivia players – over 25 years now. We discovered Brandon's Wednesday night show about 5 or 6 years ago when we were invited to join a team playing there. We've tried some other locations on Wednesday nights (sorry Brandon) looking for variety - but those other places could not compare to Trivia Night Live and Brandon's personality. We tried the rest – this is the best!

-Barbara from the Delusionals

I have attended Trivia Night Live shows, hosted by Brandon Tomasello, for over 10 years now. In that time Brandon has always provided a fun, family-friendly atmosphere that challenges and entertains all participants at each show. Trivia Night Live is definitely the premier trivia company in the North Florida area, far surpassing all others in fun, quality and the ability to keep participants engaged for the entire show. TNL consistently packs each venue with enthusiastic fans: come on out and see what all the excitement is about, you will be glad you did!

-Kent Smedley (My Favorite Team)

Brandon and Mudville have a special relationship that nobody in Jacksonville can touch. 11 years and going strong. Longest running show in Jax with the same host. Brandon and the Trivia Night Live Show have a great respect for the customers. He works hard on his questions and brings a great vibe to our Thursday evenings. His sidekick, Jeannine, is an added bonus to their professionalism.

Louis Joseph
The Mudville Grille