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Brandon Tomasello | Trivia Night Live Host & OwnerBrandon Tomasello

I am a proud, native Floridian, born and raised in Tampa, Florida, from a Honduran mother and a Jersey-Italian father. A graduate from University of Florida and Florida Coastal School of Law, I first played team trivia with my law school classmates, excelling in movies questions … and relying on them to answer all the other questions. That was the spring of 2001. I asked about hosting and they contracted me right away. 11 years later I am still hosting trivia and loving it.

Aside from my legal career, hosting trivia is something I will likely do the rest of my life. I think the turning point was when I learned early on how to elevate the event from just a run-of-the-mill game night to an entertaining show. I base our success on the losers, not the winners – the fact that losing teams keep coming back week after week proves that everyone prefers the entertainment of our shows. I'm forever grateful.

Community projects: The Hubbard House, National Federation for the Blind, Cherry Elementary School


Jamie Sakin | Trivia Night Live HostJamie Sakin

I graduated Cum Laude from University of Florida with Bachelor's of Science (major Marketing) in 2003, and have been involved and volunteered with Wolfson's Children Hospital, the Tim Tebow Foundation, & Habitat for Humanity. I am currently the Business Development Manager for Hickory Foods (BUBBA burger), where I have worked since January of 2010.

I have been hosting trivia since October 2004 at numerous locations throughout Jacksonville and the beaches area, with the Woody's Bar-B-Q Ponte Vedra show going strong since 2005. I love the quest for knowledge and writing questions to challenge and entertain my players. One goal of mine is to be on the Jeopardy! Game show.

I have been married to my beautiful wife Sarah since October 2013! She is my rock, and also the best scorekeeper around, doing so weekly at our Woody's BBQ show! We recently bought our first house and we are SUPER EXCITED to welcome our first child in December of 2015!


Scott Young | Trivia Night Live HostScott Young

Before I became a stand-up philosopher, way back before cell phones and interwebs, when CD's were new and some radio stations still played actual records, I was a late night DJ for several Jacksonville area stations. I played both kinds of music that mattered: rock AND roll. There were also those stations where I played oldies, adult pop, urban, and religious tunes. I produced news & talk shows, and for a brief period I don't like to remember, I even worked at a country station. (-Shudder-.)

Shifts behind the mic led to some off-air opportunities in producing and administration. In the 90's, my career transitioned from behind the mic to behind a desk. Now, with TNL, I get to return to my first love of playing music and entertaining people. If they're laughing, I'm doing it right. And the more they drink, the funnier I get.


David Hanscom | Trivia Night Live HostDavid Hanscom

David's career began in high school and then with the Armed Forces Radio and Television Services while living in Bermuda. His background includes work in radio, television, night clubs, private and corporate events (DJ & Host), concert and event production. In 1998, he moved to Jacksonville, FL and has been hosting events and trivia ever since.

David attributes his success in part to the TV Show, Whose Line Is It Anyway? Inspired by spontaneity, improvisation and a ready-for-anything approach, he prides himself on mastering these three qualities with each and every event he hosts.

Passionate about Community Service, David is the co-founder of Push Beyond Foundation, a non-profit organization committed to inspiring and empowering challenged athletes and individuals with disabling injuries.


Brad Selvig, Trivia Night Live HostBrad Selvig

I'm very nearly a Jacksonville native, having moved here as an infant, and I grew up in Mandarin. After graduating from Douglas Anderson School of the Arts, I spent a year in the theatre program at DePaul University in Chicago, then came back to Florida to finish school.

In 2004, I represented Florida State University in the Jeopardy! College Tournament (and lost!) and ultimately graduated with a Bachelor's in English (Literature) from UNF. In 2009, I moved back to Chicago to try and work as an actor and am a graduate of the Second City Conservatory. During all of this, I loved trivia, so when I returned to Jacksonville in 2014, I was pleased to renew my family's tradition of attending Brandon's Thursday night games at Mudville Grille.

Eventually Brandon invited me to audition as a host, and I've been running my own TNL game at Wing-It in Mandarin since August 2015. Now I get to satisfy my performance cravings while still indulging my love for trivia. It's the best of both worlds.


Alan Roberts, Trivia Night Live HostAlan Roberts

Born in Chicago but growing up almost all of my life in Jacksonville, I graduated from the University of North Florida with a Bachelor’s in Education. I am also a former College Baseball Umpire and proud graduate of the Harry Wendelstedt School for Umpires (’91). I teach students with Autism at Englewood High School and after school Driver’s Education classes at Sandalwood High School.

My hobbies include, travel, taking road trips to follow Gator Football, and playing trivia. I had a "hold my beer" moment one evening and told my buddy Justin...I can do this better than many other hosts around town (hosting trivia). I auditioned and now Brandon is lucky to have me!! LOL.